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Can You Feel It?!  

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Deep within the Earth, an awakening has begun!  Can you feel it?!  

During Winter, the energy of Mother Nature draws inward.  Winter is a time of rest, conservation, and preparation for the big show, SPRING!  

The awakening begins quietly, beneath the ice and snow.  The energy within seeds, bulbs, and roots begins to stir and rise up.  If you listen and observe you will begin to notice these shifts!  Can you hear it in the song of the birds?  Can you see it in the buds on the trees?  Can you feel it in the air?

Spring is the season of ultimate transformation and manifestation!  This is the season of our Liver/Gallbladder.  

This organ system supports us in processing stress, frustration, trauma, and balancing emotions.  This organ supports our creative expression in all of life!  

If your Liver/Gallbladder is in need of love you may experience migraines, menstrual issues, tightness, pain, and injuries of the tendons and ligaments.  

Learn more about how to support your Liver/Gallbladder today!


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I am currently on sabbatical from private practice.

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Healing Stories


Since 2019, I have been expanding my connection with our local holistic practitioners.  This expansion has evolved into the Conscious Community Collaborative.  Our purpose is to co-create and collaborate with each other and our community to empower healing during this time of intense uncertainty and unrest.

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