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At Indy Healing Center, I empower those feeling stuck on their personal health journey to awaken the connections between body, mind, and Spirit.  Through integrating the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine with modern science, patients and students will discover that the key to wellness lies within!

My experience as a practicing physician of Western Medicine will serve as a framework for understanding the whole picture of your healing journey.  

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Spring: Time to Grow, Time to Flow.


Spring quietly began with the lunar new year on 2/12.  And will reach its crescendo on 3/20.  The energy that has been resting within the Earth begins to rise up, awakening seeds and bulbs to push upward toward the Sun and trees to bud and bloom.  

This energy of breakthrough and creative expression is our Liver/Gallbladder.  The Liver/Gallbladder helps us process stress, frustration, anger, and balances our emotions.  This organ system also helps us tap into our flexibility and ability to respond to change.  

For all of us, the Liver/Gallbladder has been in overdrive with the intensity of the past year.  Living at that level of intensity for so long, also drains the reservoir of our Life Force the Kidney/Bladder.  

We need the energy of flow from Kidney/Bladder to support the energy of grow from Liver/Gallbladder.  

These two organ systems empower our resilience in life.  

This Spring it is imperative that in addition to nurturing expression and growth that we also continue to conserve our energy, rest, and become aware of ways we may be “leaking” energy.

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Re-Claim Your Health!

Now is the perfect time to Spring clean the debris of 2020 and build a new foundation of health and wellbeing.  

The next session of Dragon’s Way Qigong begins Tuesday 4/20/2021 live via ZOOM at 10:30 AM or 6:30 PM EST!  

Registration is now open follow links below:

4/20 10:30 AM

4:20 6:30 PM

Upcoming Virtual Events!


For the past year, I have been expanding my connection with our local holistic practitioners.  This expansion has evolved into the Conscious Community Collaborative.  Our purpose is to co-create and collaborate with each other and our community to empower healing during this time of intense uncertainty and unrest.  

The collaborative is hosting monthly, free events! 

Join us for our next free event:

Moving Into Self-Love 5/19 at 7 PM

Take some time to nurture yourself Body, Mind, & Spirit.

Paula Lord, Pranic Healer and owner of GymRoots, and Becky Laurenzana, yoga instructor and holistic health coach, take you through a series of movements and moments of stillness and reflection to explore the mind body connection. 

We often spend much of our lives giving to others while losing touch with ourselves. Join us and give some love to yourself so you can more easily give love to others.

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Learn more at: empoweredstories.org

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