Wellness Lies Within.

Have you experienced

Pain ~ Fatigue ~ Digestive Issues ~ Autoimmune Disease 

Hormonal Imbalance ~ Insomnia ~ Depression / Anxiety  

This is an invitation to awaken YOUR healing potential!

At Wellness Lies Within, I empower those feeling stuck on their personal health journey to awaken the connections between body, mind, and Spirit.  Through integrating the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine with modern science, patients and students will discover that the key to wellness lies within!

My experience as a practicing physician of Western Medicine will serve as a framework for understanding the whole picture of your healing journey.  

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Freedom Friday Archives: Healing is Intense, Let’s Play, No Rules, Anything Goes.  

Winter is Coming.

Winter is Coming

During Winter, the energy of Mother Nature draws deep within.  This energy does NOT disappear, at one level it becomes less available.

All of the plant and animal kingdom respond through advance preparation, building up stores, securing their homes, entering a conservative or hibernating state.  

The phases of water literally slow from flow to frost and magically transform into snow.  

Beneath the surface of the Earth, Mother Nature begins a three month journey of deep reflection upon the energies of the year past and what lies ahead.  Everything in cycles.  Have you ever taken notice of how different each season is year to year to year?   

We are one with Nature.  The more we align with the messages of the season, the healthier and at peace we will be.  Through alignment we are conserving and preparing for our own Spring transformation!

Winter is the season of our Kidney/Bladder, our life force.  If this organ system is feeling out of balance or in scarcity, you may experience low back, knee, or foot pain, fatigue, fear, anxiety and panic.  

Would you like to learn more about how to nurture this precious reservoir? 

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True prevention is creating balance and harmony in the body BEFORE cancer has a chance to form.  

I am pleased to announce my collaboration with Chantal Leven, LCSW, CPCC!!!

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Breast Care IS Self Care: A Mind-Body Breakthrough Approach to Breast Care and Healing 

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Since 2019, I have been expanding my connection with our local holistic practitioners.  This expansion has evolved into the Conscious Community Collaborative.  Our purpose is to co-create and collaborate with each other and our community to empower healing during this time of intense uncertainty and unrest.

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Are the relationships in your life feeling shaky, flat, or out of balance? Could you benefit from doing a maintenance checkup in preparation for your nurturing heart-driven 2022?

Relationships that impact how smooth or bumpy the ride of life is may include your health, your family, your home environment, or your finances. The Conscious Community Collaborative (CCC) would love for you to join our next online Zoom event where we will guide you through gentle supportive experiential activities where you will evaluate your own personal Wellness Wheel to explore which areas of your life are most out of alignment and navigate you through your individualized Tune Up-body, mind and spirit. To support your return to the road of life, we will take a meditative journey envisioning your renewed relationship aspirations illuminated and inflow…with an open mind, soft heart, and warrior spirit.

Your guides for this experience are: Tracy Minor, Intuitive Guide; Heather Meyer, Nurtured Heart Therapist; Becky Laurenzana , Holistic Health Coach & Yogi

Investment in Self: Free

Register NOW:


Meet your guides:

Tracy Minor - City Cricket Wellness

Heather Meyer, MS, LMHC - Dynamic Wisdom

Becky Laurenzana - RYT 200, Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner

Learn more at: empoweredstories.org

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