Acupuncture and Medical Qigong

"Throughout my life, I have believed that my body is self-healing.  Somewhere over the years, I lost that belief, and, to an extent, that capability.  I found myself stuck:  not moving forward physically, mentally, or spiritually.  I was also taking a lot of medications for many health problems – asthma to acid reflux and much more; however, I still was getting sick frequently.  A friend of mine, who is a pediatric hematologist, had gone through a similar period and had great success with acupuncture and holistic healing methods.  After hearing her story, I started my search for an MD who was also a holistic doctor.  I met many dead ends in my search until this past summer (2015)  when a friend and I participated in a downtown yoga event.  Dr. Melissa Laborsky was passing out little cards with the healing gates on them and told us about her services.  I took her information and continued on my way.  I happened to look back and see Dr. Laborsky swaying to the music.  I thought to myself that I used to dance freely, too.  Wow!  Why wasn’t I still doing that?  That was my nudge to make an appointment with her. 

July 2015 was my first appointment with Dr. Laborsky.  I didn’t know what to expect, and I decided to try it for 3 months during which time I was hoping to see some progress in getting healthier.  It didn’t have to be huge, just anything that would open me up a little more and help me feel better.  How can I explain that first appointment and each one since?  Dr. Laborsky has a gift she freely shares with others.  She listens carefully to you and prompts with questions, as needed.  She checks and monitors your physical, spiritual and emotional wellness and works with you accordingly.  

Initially, the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach was very foreign to me (and still is – lots to learn!), so I went through the motions while trying to connect it to the results i.e. replacing prescription medicines with herbal supplements and adding the healing gates and Qigong to my daily routine.  

 I can’t believe how quickly I’ve gotten results.  I experienced changes after my first appointment and have with each appointment – some very subtle and some very obvious.  Dr. Laborsky teaches me ways to continuing healing, which usually involve simple movements with powerful results.  

Five months later, the results are more than I imagined they would be.  I’m taking about half the medications I used to take; I’m physically, mentally and spiritually stronger.  I practice Qigong and some/all of the healing gates daily in order to continue healing and gaining strength.  These, along with other tools Dr. Laborsky has taught me, are helping me regain and maintain my health, reduce stress and have the life I want.”

~ SW 57 year old female

“My experience with the Dragon’s Way and treatment sessions has helped me open myself to new concepts and ideas and has freed me to be the person I am becoming.  Through my sessions, I’ve been able to give up allergy medicines (both OTC and prescription) as well as anxiety medication.  I’ve learned new ways and methods of managing stressful situations through Qigong, meditation, breathing techniques and more.  I’ve also incorporated healthy eating into my diet.  The tools that have been given to me have helped me see and experience things differently-it's allowed me to free myself from the things that I was carrying with me.  Most of all, it has taught me the importance of taking care of myself which helps care for others in your life.  Thank you, Dr. Laborsky!”

~ WV 32 year old female

"I cannot express enough gratitude to Dr. Melissa Laborsky for giving me my life back through energy work, acupuncture and the Dragon’s Way!  After an accident I tried for 2 months to resolve severe headache pain via traditional western doctors and medicine to no avail.  Acute head pain robbed me of my former normal lifestyle.  Through a friend’s encouragement I sought Dr. Laborsky for acupuncture.  I was skeptical, but knew my life could not continue on this path of pain.  At my first appointment I as very weary and had no idea what to expect, but was completely overjoyed when I felt immediate relief in her office after one session of energy work & acupuncture!

I continue treatment, and have had important personal shifts in my lifestyle under her guidance.  Dr. Laborsky is a gifted & caring person, and in my opinion saved me from what could have been a dark path ahead.  Her office has a peaceful and healing atmosphere.  She is a gift to our community, and has literally transformed my life.  I cannot recommend her enough.”

~ MJ 57 year old female 

“I had bursitis in my right hip for about 3 years.  I tried a cortisone shot in the past but the pain returned within 4-5 months.  I know this is hard to believe, but after just 2 acupuncture sessions along with herbs and The Dragon’s Way Qigong exercises, I was feeling great!  I have no pain and walk more fluidly than ever before.  No more limping!”

~ EH 45 year old female 

Dragon’s Way

“My stress levels and digestive issues were at an all time high when I started doing the Dragon’s Way.  I had tried quite a few diets/fitness programs/fads/week long experiments hoping that my stress and digestive issues would lessen.  For a minute these experiments might work but I would inevitably have the same issues as before even if I followed a program to a ’T.’  Dragon’s Way presented a different path to healing the body than I had ever seen before.  The best part is the Qigong.  Every SINGLE time I practice I feel more powerful and better.  The Dragon’s Way has helped my digestion, stress levels, clothing size, and I have attracted more positve energy than ever! My family and friends have noticed a positive change in my overall demeanor.  I suggest the Dragon’s Way to anyone who wants to have a sustainable program for a healthy body.” 

~ CF age 21

“Thank you, Melissa, Indy Healing Center, for the guidance and inspiration in my journey to better health- better life!  TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) approach and Dragon’s Way classes have supported my healing process, replacing painful joint inflammation with relief and hope!!”

~ MW age 57

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