Soul Unleashed: A Self-Care R/Evolution


I am honored to partner with co-creators Lauren Beatrice Hart and Kristin Okeley of The Playful Soul to present 

Soul Unleashed: A Self-Care R/Evolution!  

Please enjoy Lauren’s invitation below.

We’ve all been feeling it – our Earth is changing, and along with her, our lives are changing.  We are all being asked to step up and open up as our perceptions of ourselves and reality expand along with our consciousness.  

Chances are you are not the same person you used to be – you’re riding the waves of change, yet you’re not sure where this journey is taking you.  One thing is for sure – the Earth needs each one of us healthy and whole.  We need to be strong enough to stand in our truth and demand a kinder world as we birth a new Paradigm.

It is time for a Self-Care R/Evolution!  Our Souls are bursting at the seams and ready to come fully online through new attention to Embodiment.  

Hundreds of thousands of individuals across the globe are onto something big, and it’s time to say it outloud: We need to shift the way we’re living, as the ways we’ve been living have led us to a time of crisis.  To do that, we need to take care of ourselves in a new and more intentional way –learning to care for our body-mind-spirits, practicing new ways to love and relate to ourselves and each other, and remembering the importance of our relationship with nature.  We are being called to be more PRESENT, to become whole, to own our power, to be of service, and to express our spirits as our unique selves.


What is this event??

It’s a Spiritual Staycation!  Join others who are curious about the New Paradigm.  Experience Qi Gong, Qoya, Conscious Parenting, a Shamanic Healing Session, and more!  Join with others and build this momentum … Hear stories of awakening and share yours~

How was it created??

Several months ago, like-minded individuals in Indianapolis birthed an idea for Soul Unleashed: A Self-Care R/Evolution.  Inspired by our city’s Spirit & Place Festival (this year’s theme: R/Evolution!), we had the desire to share awareness and information about our experiences during these times on Planet Earth, and to create opportunities to participate.  We seek to push the boundaries of traditional concepts by inviting openness to exploring the phenomena around us and within us.

Come join us as we create an energetic container to hold three weeks of experiences and exploration.  We begin on the eve of the New Moon with our opening open house and intention ceremony Thursday, August 29th.  We conclude with a Fall Equinox celebration on Monday, September 23rd.  Inbetween, we will offer a sampling of experiences and classes … for some, a beginning, for others, an opening, still others – a continuation and deepening.  We are all at different stages and phases with our awakening!

This event offers new and unique ways to connect with your Soul and your journey to Health and Wholeness!

In Heart and Soul ~


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All events will be hosted at Indy Healing Center and  The Playful Soul

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Featured at Indy Healing Center

7771 Spring Mill Road Indianapolis

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Please note parking is limited.  Carpooling encouraged!

9/21 9-12 PM The Nurtured Heart Approach®: A Practical Approach to Showing up Fully with Grace, Grit, and Gratitude: Heather Meyer, LMHC

9/21 1-3 PM Wisdom of the Chakras: A Yoga Experience: Lily Kessler, ED.S. ERYT-500

9/23 6-8 PM Autumnal Equinox Closing Ceremony: Shaman Susan Cotter

Featured at The Playful Soul

1001 E 86th St Indianapolis

Advance registration required at 317-253-0499

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The Nurtured Heart Approach®:  A Practical Approach to Showing Up Fully with Grace, Grit and Gratitude

Saturday  September 21 9am-12pm 

Heather Meyer, LMHC

As parents, professionals and community members, we engage in  many roles, responsibilities and relationships-with hopes of creating positive connection, meaning and impact.  We set intentions to be heart-centered, present with gratitude, and peaceful and loving within our relationships. Yet, when stress runs high or energy runs low, we can find ourselves "losing it" with our kids and loved ones, getting caught up in dramas and negativity all around us, or becoming overwhelmed and anxious in all we "should" do that we get caught in a whirlwind of negative defeating self talk.

In this workshop, Heather will demonstrate how the 3 Stands™ of the Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA) works as a "mindfulness in action" framework so you can feel more fully aligned your intentions and purpose-especially when the "going gets tough".  While NHA originated as a conscious parenting approach for sensitive and emotionally intense kids, it has evolved into a powerful model for nurturing one's self and all relationships.  For this reason, this session will be divided into two parts: First, using  story and strategy, you will learn how to engage the approach within your valued relationships. Second, using  a heart-centered experiential guided practice, you will learn how to engage the Inner NHA. 

Investment in Soul-Self: $33  Click here to register now!


Heather Meyer is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Nurtured Heart Approach Trainer specializing in counseling and consulting services through her private practice, Dynamic Wisdom, LLC. Heather has held a steadfast commitment to sparking a desire for change and blazing a trail of transformation for children and adults experiencing significant behavioral and emotional life challenges since 1993. Heather shares her home with  her Nurtured Heart raised rescues, Neo the Pup and Tzion the Kitty.

Wisdom of the Chakras: A Yoga Experience

Saturday, September 21, 1-3pm

Lily Kessler, ED.S., ERYT-500


Everything is energy. The yoga tradition explores equanimity within all life experiences. Rather than viewing experiences as good or bad, a shift happens when energies are viewed as heavy or refined. Holistic harmony unfolds when confined energies are consciously identified within the body and then moved through ancient techniques of Yoga.

In this special yoga class, we explore messages of the holistic spirit through physical sensations within the body. Additionally, learn how the chakras can be your constant guides in navigating an authentic life experience by anchoring consciousness into your core through visualizations paired with rich breath awareness. This deepens your experience in traditional yoga poses and allows you to integrate and embody yoga on and off the mat, easily.

Please wear comfortable clothes you can move and breathe in. Please bring your yoga mat, otherwise mats will be available for you to borrow.


Investment in Soul-Self: $22   Click here to register!

Join Lily Kessler, ERYT, founder of Blooming Life Yoga Studio + School, and tune inward with movement followed by a beautiful, guided chakra meditation. Lily ensures all people will be supported, so come as you are.

Christine Lily Kessler, founder of Blooming Life Yoga Studio + School, author, artist, The Energy Codes® Master Trainer, BodyAwake Lead Trainer, Reiki Master, B.E.S.T. Practitioner, Relax & Renew®, YoKid®, global retreat leader, empathic Bridge, and curious woman.

Events Featured at Indy Healing Center: 

7771 Spring Mill Road 


Advance registration required through Eventbrite  

Please note parking is limited.  Carpooling encouraged!  Melissa Laborsky, MD 2014