Pediatric Wellness


The energy of children is very pure.  If you observe them they often listen and respond to the messages from their bodies moment to moment.  When they are angry they yell, when they are sad they cry, when they are happy they dance and sing.  When they are hungry they ask for food and when they are tired they sleep.  At some point we start to ignore and deny this pure expression of our inner self.  

A child’s energy foundation is inherited from their parents during development.  Pregnancy is an essential time for building this foundation, as the mother “downloads” the child with energy and intelligence.  After birth, the energetic connection between parent and child continues.  They often will mirror your energy and “show” you when you are becoming out of balance physically and emotionally.  Caring for your own energy, as a parent, is the best way to promote wellness in your children.  Dragon’s Way Qigong provides powerful self healing tools that you can apply to your entire household. 

When a child’s energy becomes out of balance and they begin to display symptoms, this is often a signal of something that needs to shift in relationship to their internal and external environment.  This could be emotional or physical.  

In my practice, I can work with you and your child to uncover the root cause of symptoms and support healing using herbs, acupressure, and acupuncture if they are open to receiving needles.  

Healing foods are also a very important way to support a child’s energy foundation and promote wellness.  The foundation of immunity is the digestive system.  Our digestive system loves warmth.  Switching to room temperature or warm drinks is an easy way to support digestion and immunity.  In addition, raw vegetables are very difficult to digest.  Cooking vegetables helps them to be easier to digest and absorb.  Click here to learn more about healing foods.  

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