Introduction to Aikido & Spiral Impact®

Saturday September 14th 9-12 PM

Karen Valencic

While a solo meditation or spiritual practice builds a crucial base for personal spiritual awareness, often our peace can be challenged or even shattered when we engage with other people and the world.  Practicing Aikido, the Japanese art of 

reconciliation, anchors in the ability to stay centered and engaged in the midst of conflict and change.   

Meditation in action, so to speak. 

If you have ever experienced losing yourself or feeling overwhelmed in relationships aikido may be a practice for you.

In this three-hour session, Karen Valencic will open the world of aikido to you through the introduction of basic concepts and practice.  Aikido is a martial art so please plan on physical contact and movement, although, this session will not be strenuous and is appropriate for anyone who can move.  Karen will also offer a brief introduction to her method for handling conflict, Spiral Impact.  

Investment in Soul-Self: $33

 Karen is a second-degree black belt and has practiced for 28 years.  She is a student and teacher at the Indy Aikikai,  In Karen’s professional life, she specializes in leadership and team development with an emphasis on mastering conflict and change.  

Her method, Spiral Impact is grounded in aikido.  Learn more about Karen at

Advanced registration required. Space is limited / Carpooling Encouraged

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