Awaken Your Power with The Four Energy Gates

Tuesday September 3rd 6-8 PM

Melissa Laborsky, MD


The meridian system is an energy grid that connects every aspect of our body above/below and impacts function of every cell, tissue, and organ.  This energy grid is how we connect to the world around us: our work, relationships, and the greater Universe.  When energy is moving and flowing within the meridians we are able to maintain a higher level of balance, harmony, and can more easily access our intuitive gifts.

The Four Energy Gates were developed by Grand Master Nan Lu of the Tao of Healing ( as a way to easily access and support meridian flow through self-acupressure exercises.  

Through this work shop, you will receive an introduction to the energetic foundation behind the Four Energy Gates and learn how to practice the gates daily to bring healing into your own hands. 

Investment in Soul-Self: $22

Advanced registration required. Space is limited / Carpooling Encouraged

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SoulUnleashed  Melissa Laborsky, MD 2014